Welcome to Alexandra Mathias Art and the release of my TINY HOUSE SERIES 1, which will be part of a larger body of work that is inspired by my family’s expat lifestyle over the last fifteen years.

While we are now happily settled in Lafayette, CA, we have spent the last fifteen years moving on average every eighteen months to a new home. We’ve crisscrossed the United States and also lived in four different European countries. This lifestyle, while challenging at times, was also adventurous, exciting and very enriching for my whole family and me. We’ve learned about different cultures, languages, and customs and have made life-long friends that are now scattered around the globe. Our children learned to be flexible, adapt to new environments and be very open-minded. I could probably write a book or two about these fifteen years but since I am not a writer I choose to translate my memories into mixed media art and abstract photography instead.

TINY HOUSES SERIES 1 originally started as a daily posting ritual on Instagram when I took part in the 2019 Squareathon. Instead of just creating intuitively and freely, I decided to give myself some constraints to work with: all my artwork would be inspired by the same idea (our expat lifestyle and my memories about it) and also feature the same basic shape of a house in some way. Sometimes I would draw the house, sometimes cut it from previous artwork and use it in a collage. I even painted on origami paper before carefully folding a tiny house with it. I used acrylic paint, watercolors and oil pastels, created on watercolor paper and gessoboard. Inspired by the daily Squareathon prompt "title” I would let my creative spirit loose, and create a work of art that connected my story with the daily prompt while staying true to the constraints. It was a fantastic sixteen days, and all the positive feedback I have gotten on my Instagram feed was truly phenomenal.

I am looking forward to sharing my TINY HOME SERIES 1 with you. We all have stories to tell about the places that make us feel like home, whether we have moved frequently or have stayed put in one place for all our lives. I am excited that my artwork will become part of your home and your story.